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We send a newsletter out 10–11 times a year, as well as special editions and e-lerts.

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Client information newsletters

We send a newsletter out 10–11 times a year, as well as special editions and e-lerts.

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Past Newsletters

2021 Client Information Newsletter - October

  • Compensation payments: avoiding contribution issues
  • Covid: CGT implications
  • Inheriting rental properties
  • SuperStream Deadlines + Christmas and the Taxman

2021 Client Information Newsletter - August

  • Capital works deductions for rental property
  • Trust losses
  • Trust distributions from a discretionary trust
  • Reward programs regarding tax

2021 Client Information Newsletter - June

  • Treatment of cryptocurrency
  • Guidance on personal services income rules
  • ATO eligibility requirements for SMSF trustees or directors

2021 Client Information Newsletter –March

  • Update you ABN
  • FBT treatment changes under COVID19
  • Small business “Cash Flow Coaching Kit”
  • Lump sum payment in arrears tax offset
  • Director identification number

2020 Client Information Newsletter –November

  • Full Expensing write-off deductions
  • Tax and SMSF audits
  • ATO’s cyber safety checklist
  • Investment option that hide in unexpected GST
  • JobKeeper extension turnover tests

2020 Client Information Newsletter –August

  • The JobKeeper Updates
  • Has your super fund got you covered for insurance
  • Rental property: Tax approach adjusts for COVID-19
  • Claiming a deduction for transport expenses

2020 Client Information Newsletter – May

  • Covid-19: work from home expense questions and CGT concerns
  • Business and JobKeeper scheme
  • Covid-19: instant asset write off and accelerated depreciation
  • Early release from super a relief but comes with risks
  • Luxury car tax

2020 Client Information Newsletter – February

  • Tax issues when dealing with volunteers
  • Succession pleanning for family businesses
  • Distributions from a discretionary trust
  • What you need to know about the First Home Super Saver scheme
  • Superannuation tax offsets you may be able to use

2019 Client Information Newsletter – October

  • CGT when spouses have different main residences
  • Fictions and facts about work expense deductions
  • An FBT reporting exclusion for personal security concerns
  • SMSF event-based reporting: what needs to be reported, what doesn’t

2019 Client Information Newsletter – September

  • Property development and tax
  • Tax and the kids savings
  • CGT exemption on inherited homes
  • SMSF Trustees: Operating expenses you can deduct
  • Rental property owners: Top 10 tips to avoid common mistakes

2019 Client Information Newsletter – June

  • Records for claiming work related expenses.
  • Essentials on taxable payments annual reports.
  • ATO actions on trusts and tax avoidance.
  • Personal deductions for car parking expenses.

2019 Client Information Newsletter – March

  • Removing tax deductibility of “non-compliant” payments
  • New consumer rules for GST and online purchases
  • Rental travel expenses mostly off the table
  • When valuations of property are important for tax

2018 Client Information Newsletter – November

  • Three-Quarter FBT year compliance check-up
  • How much do we need to retire?
  • The work Christmas party
  •  Renting out part or all of your home

2018 Client Information Newsletter – Budget Edition

  • Federal Budget 2018
  • Bracket Changes Personal Income Taxes
  • SMSF Maximum number of members changes.

2018 Client Information Newsletter –June

  • Tax Disputes with the ATO
  • SMSF’s proportioning rule
  • Building and construction Taxable Payments Annual report

2018 Client Information Newsletter – March

  • Is your business prepared for single touch payroll?
  • FBT, third party danger.
  • Trading stock rules.
  • Valuations and your SMSF.

2017 Client Information Newsletter – November

  • Tax and Christmas Party Planning
  • Taxation of foreign income derived by Australian residents
  • In that travel allowance of LAFHA?

2017 Client Information Newsletter – August

  • Travel Allowances and the proper use
  • Child death benefit recipients and the transfer balance cap
  • Tax deductions specifically for SMSF’s

2017 Client Information Newsletter – May

  • CGT and Subdivision

  • Going Concern

  • Business deductions

  • Company franking

2017 Client Information Newsletter – February

  • CGT retirement concessions
  • Deceased estate management
  • “Family trust” elections
  • Pension assets tests

2021 Client Information Newsletter - September

  • How to treat work related travel & living costs
  • SMSF & property development
  • Claiming GST credits for employee reimbursements
  • Trust distributions to non-residents

2021 Client Information Newsletter - July

  • Avoid common mistakes in your business return & include appropriate income
  • Getting deductions for clothing and laundry expenses right
  • Steps to take when winding up your SMSF
  • When the taxman sends a bill, not a refund

2021 Client Information Newsletter - May

  • EOFY tips
  • Excess before-tax super contributions
  • SME recovery loan scheme
  • SMSF property valuations

2021 Client Information Newsletter –February

  • JobMaker hiring credit
  • Single touch payroll: when your reporting can cease
  • Getting tax valuation from the ATO
  • Natural disasters and help with your tax

2020 Client Information Newsletter –October

  • COVID-19 JobKeeper Updates
  • New Data Matching Programs + Electronic Execution of Documents
  • COVID-19 Relaxed Loan Repayments Unfounded
  • SMSF Regulations to Allow Six Members

2020 Client Information Newsletter – July

  • Tax Return Tips
  • Instant asset write off extension
  • The realities of insuring against cyber crime
  • Varying PAYG instalments because of COVID-19

2020 Client Information Newsletter – April

  • Covid-19: Stimulus and rescue package explained
  • E-bikes, FBT and salary sacrificing
  • Individual or corporate trustee for your SMSF

2019 Client Information Newsletter – December

  • E-invoicing is on its way
  • Personal services income explained
  • CGT Concessions: Does your business qualify?
  • If you’re in business, you need to know about the PPSR

2019 Client Information Newsletter – August - Lodgment Rates & Thresholds Guide

  • Individuals’ tax rates and offsets.
  • Medicare, Corporate entity tax rates.
  • Superannuation, business, CGT and FBT.

2019 Client Information Newsletter – August

  • Tax, when you’re headed overseas.
  • What you need to know about trust distribution resolutions.
  • The small business income tax offset.

2019 Client Information Newsletter – May

  • Alternatives to a tax invoice for certain GST claims.
  • Can the ATO’s public rulings help your outcomes.
  • What you need to know about the beefed-up director penalty regime.
  • Super downsizer scheme essentials.

2019 Client Information Newsletter – February

  • Tax incentive for angel investors in start-ups
  • Guide to making motor vehicle expense claims
  • The ATO is looking for personal services income diverted to SMSFs
  • Certain travel expense claims, the term “itinerant” needs clarity.

2018 Client Information Newsletter – October

  • Crowdfunding & Tax
  • Get a clear view with a private ruling
  • Personal Services Income: An overview

2018 Client Information Newsletter –August

  • Claiming self-education expenses
  • How to deal with SMSF trustee disputes
  • Your claim for a business tax loss can be denied

2018 Client Information Newsletter – May

  • Franchise businesses and tax
  • Superannuation contributions “work test” for over 65s.
  • 2 minute quiz: Business deductions.
  • Look before you leap with testamentary trusts.

2018 Client Information Newsletter – February

  • Key factors for rescuing a bad debt deduction
  • Rental property owners lose some deductions
  • When refinancing, loan interest can be deductible to a partnership

2017 Client Information Newsletter – October

  • What the proposed housing-based super contribution initiatives offer
  • Considering ride-sharing for income? Tips and traps
  • High income earners: Beware Division 293

2017 Client Information Newsletter – July

  • ATO waves a red flag on deducations for holiday rentals
  • Streaming trust capital gains and franked distributions
  • Be Prepared: what you need to bring to your tax return appointment

2017 Client Information Newsletter – April

  • Deductions when purchasing second-hand items
  • Laundry and clothing deduction
  • What is “Total Superannuation Balance” and the new legislation

2021 Lodgement rates & Threshold Guide

  • Individual rates
  • Tax offsets and Corporate tax rates
  • FBT rates and Thresholds
  • Medicare and Superannuation

2021 Client Information Newsletter - Budget Edition

  • Federal Budget 2021-2022 Year
  • Individual low income offsets
  • Temporary full expensing extended for businesses
  • Superannuation contributions work tests

2021 Client Information Newsletter –April

  • Money counted as “income” by the ATO
  • Insolvency reforms supporting small business
  • Real estate & CGT timing
  • Managing superannuation transfer balance account
  • Refinancing loan interest deductible to aa partnership

2020 Client Information Newsletter –December

  • New loss carry back measure
  • Small business CGT concessions
  • Claiming interest expenses for rental properties
  • Recipient tax invoice

2020 Client Information Newsletter –September

  • COVID-19 Payments – Issues for companies
  • COVID-19 Trust liquidity issues
  • Where you stand with vehicles & instant asset write offs
  • COVID-19 SMSF rental relief

2020 Client Information Newsletter – June

  • Last-minute tax planning tactics
  • Covid-19 and resitdential rental property claims
  • Concerns on property development and SMSF
  • Laws on bankruptcy changed to help cope with Covid-19

2020 Client Information Newsletter – March

  • ATO dusts off the “lifestyle asset” microscope
  • Limited options to access your super early
  • Damage or destruction of a rental property
  • Selling taxable Australian property

2019 Client Information Newsletter – November

  • Lost or destroyed tax records
  • SMSF trustee duty not to be forgotten: The investment strategy
  • Small business: Low-cost assets & the threshold rule
  • Three wise FBT tips for Christmas

2019 Client Information Newsletter – Federal Budget Edition

  • The welcome news is the forecast return to surplus for the 2019-20 fiscal year.
  • Proposed changes to Division 7A will be deferred from 1 July 2019 to 1 July 2020.
  • Changes to superannuation that will benefit older pre-retirees.

2019 Client Information Newsletter – July

  • Penalty interest can be deductable under specific conditions.
  • Carrying foward concessional super contributions.
  • Business trading structures.
  • Event-based reporting mistakes lead to more SMSF audits.

2019 Client Information Newsletter – April

  • Single touch payroll roll-out for smaller employers
  • The tax deductions available for interest, dividends and other investment income
  • Deductions for donations
  • Staff training costs deductible

2018 Client Information Newsletter – December

  • Do you agree with your business partner?
  • Alerts, not alarms
  • Investment issues, you need to be aware of
  • Consumers compensated by financial institutions still need to consider tax

2018 Client Information Newsletter – September

  • Shares & Tax: A stockmarket investment primer
  • New LRBA rules
  • Apportioning GST annually for business and private purchases

2018 Client Information Newsletter –July

  • Retired and asset rich but cash poor?
  • Are you Division 7A compliant?

2018 Client Information Newsletter – April

  • Bitcoin: It’s place in your wallet or SMSF portfolio.
  • SMSF commutation requests: How to get the green light from the ATO.
  • Duties and tax when you buy online from overseas.
  • Dealing with tax and renting via AirBNB.

2017 Client Information Newsletter – December

  • The ins and outs of “entertainment” business deductions
  • Ten tips for rental property owners to avoid common tax mistakes
  • Stay alert for scams & fraud

2017 Client Information Newsletter – September

  • The small business CGT concessions
  • Treasury amends LRBA reuirements for SMSF’s again
  • Do you need to lodge your tax return early

2017 Client Information Newsletter – June

  • End of year tax planning tips for business
  • What is a tax loss, and how can it be turned to good use?
  • The transitional CGT relief measure and your SMSF

2017 Client Information Newsletter – March

  • Tax and the “sharing economy”
  • Income and franking credits
  • Salary sacrifice
  • Car benefits and FBT
  • SMSF – “in house” assets



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